Sunglasses and face shape: Flattering frames for your face

Use these guidelines to make sure you love the way your new "sunnies" make you look.

Find out what you need to know about sunglasses and face shape before spending a lot of money on a pair of shades this spring.

Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from the sun, but they also can add style and character to your look. Use these guidelines to make sure you love the way your new “sunnies” make you look.

Angular frames for a round face

With a round face shape, angular sunglasses are the most flattering. Round faces have plenty of curves and softness on their own. The geometric feel and sleek lines of square and horizontal frames are a perfect match, creating the illusion of a thinner face shape . The classic wayfarer frame is also a great fit for a round face.

Cat eye and butterfly frames for a heart shape

With a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin, the heart-shaped face captures the essence of adorable. Show off this shape with a pair of cool cat-eye sunglasses . If you want a look that is more dramatic, oversized butterfly frames also look flattering with a heart shape.

Curvy frames for a square shape

Here are some sunglasses and face-shape basics: balance a square jawline and broad forehead with rounded glasses . The softness of curvy frames will complement a square-shaped face, bringing out the beauty and elegance of an angular face. Round sunnies, aviators, and butterfly frames are all excellent choices. Anything with a rounded or oval shape will look great.

Anything works for an oval face

According to some designers, if you have an oval shape , then you can look amazing with any type of sunglasses. An oval face is characterized by a balanced forehead, jawline, and cheekbone. Go for a glamorous look with darkly tinted butterfly shades, play with the geometry of square frames, or choose a pair of chic circular glasses for a modern feel. Oblong faces, which appear narrower and longer than an oval face shape, will look good with oversized sunnies–the bigger the better!

Find a pair of sunglasses that brings out the best features of your face shape . If you look good in your spring sunnies, then you will slip them on even on those cloudy days. And why not? They not only shield your eyes from those harmful UV rays , but they also make you look amazing, adding the right touch of style to your entire spring wardrobe.