Tips to organize your kitchen

A clean environment will allow you to focus on organizing without getting distracted by simple cleaning duties.

Keeping a kitchen organized amongst the chaos of family is a difficult task, but with a little time and know how, it can be done. Start the task with a clear schedule to give yourself the time necessary to organize. Next, ensure that the entire kitchen is clean.

This includes polished counter tops, a clean refrigerator, and an empty sink among everything else. Starting in a clean environment will allow you to focus on organizing without getting distracted by simple cleaning duties . Follow a few of these tips to organize your kitchen.


Whether your cabinets are solid wood or transparent, it is important to keep items organized inside. Place all cups of like size near each other simply for aesthetic reasons. Always stack items when it is possible. Once each dish has a place it is easy to keep cabinets tidy and organized.

  • Place the most used dishes and cups on the bottom shelves
  • Store pans near the stove and lids on a rack
  • Organize spices on a lazy susan with popular varieties near the edges


Food comes in all shapes and sizes which makes it difficult to keep it neat looking but with a little organization you can contain the clutter. Pantries should be organized by types of foods. Breakfast cereals should be in one location while pastas and rice should be in another. Once locations are set it is easy to maintain them each time new food is purchased.

  • Categorize foods and store next to each other
  • Have a shallow basket where bread is placed
  • Place sugars and flour in ceramic or glass containers
  • Clear out pantry monthly


The most used appliance in the kitchen , the refrigerator tends to get the most disorganized. Keep this from happening by emptying out unused and expired food on a weekly basis.

  • Store all drinks on one shelf
  • Keep butter and cream cheese in dairy areas
  • Wash fruits and have them readily available in produce drawers, no more plastic bags
  • Take eggs out of crates and use an egg holder


Organized and uncluttered counters can instantly transform a messy kitchen. Use matching counter appliances and holders to organize your kitchen and keep a consistent look. Wipe down all items on the counter weekly to keep them looking new.