Top 9 ways to spend father-daughter quality time

Strong father-daughter relationships come through spending time together, and enjoying each other's company.

It is important that fathers build strong, healthy relationships with their daughters. Since fathers are the first male figures in their daughters’ lives , what happens in their relationship is likely to influence their daughters’ other relationships.

Strong father-daughter relationships come through spending time together, and enjoying each other’s company. However, the activities that are shared will largely depend on the age of their daughters. Here are the top nine ways fathers and daughters can enjoy a variety of activities together, in quality time that can boost their daughters’ self-esteem.

  • Read to together . Reading is an enjoyable way for fathers and daughters to spend time together. From early on, fathers can start reading to their baby girls . As they grow older fathers and daughters can read the same books and talk about them. As daughters share their perspectives on the books they read, their fathers can share their own thoughts, which could broaden the developing daughters’ outlook on life.
  • Share walks. When father and daughter go for walks together , this activity not only keeps them fit, but also helps to build a bond between them. As father and daughter walk, they can share their interests, and talk about important landmarks they see.
  • Fix things around the house. There are always minor repairs that need to be done around the house. In many cases dad has to do them. Why not use these times as opportunities to share father-daughter quality time ? So the next time dad is fixing the faucet, encourage him to enlist his daughter’s help.
  • Enjoy games . Father and daughter can enjoy both indoor and outdoor games together. Fathers can arrange game nights, and play board and video games with their daughters. Playing outdoor sports together can also be an enjoyable activity for father and daughter.
  • Go shopping . What girl doesn’t love shopping? But in a busy world, this might mean that fathers will need to sacrifice few of the things they have to do to go shopping with their daughters. This activity could help fathers to get to know their daughters’ likes and dislikes a little better, and at the same time strengthen their relationships .
  • Cook dinner . Fathers can arrange a night when they and their daughters cook dinner together. The dinner can have a special theme that daughters select. Fathers could also allow daughters to choose the ingredients, and be actively engaged in the preparation of the meal. Also, fathers and daughters can prepare a particular dish together for special times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Plan and enjoy outings . Daughters love to go out with their dads! So fathers can plan for outings with their daughters to amusement parks, fairs, or concerts. During such times, fathers get additional opportunities to model behaviors that their daughters should expect from their future spouses .
  • Attend cultural events. Fathers want their daughters to be exposed to events and activities that will stimulate their artistic and creative development. So they can take their daughters to a museum or a play, which could expand their daughters’ horizons and interests and boost their self-esteem .
  • Volunteer together . Fathers and daughters can volunteer in projects in their communities. Daughters can learn important social skills working with their dads on projects that can improve the lives of others. For example, painting an elderly neighbor’s picket fence together could help daughters to better appreciate older people , and the need to show kindness to others.