Top eco-friendly baby products

Perhaps you’re a new mom or a mom-to-be and you want to avoid using many of the chemical-laden baby products on today’s market. Maybe you have a friend on your gift list who is all about an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle. Don’t worry. There are an endless supply of fun, exciting, and healthy eco-friendly baby products that are sure to suit every mother.


One of the most used items for baby, diapers are a necessity. For a handy solution to cloth versus plastic, gDiapers has the answer. These biodegradable, plastic lined diapers are cloth on the outside with a disposable interior liner that can be tossed, recycled, or flushed away.

Another eco-friendly choice are Seventh Generation diapers. Made chlorine free, these diapers are also free of toxins, heavy perfumes, and latex, making them an excellent choice for babies with sensitive bottoms.

Ointments and creams

Diaper rashes and other skin ailments are inevitable. Here to help is the chemical and artificial color free Aden+Anais line of ointments. Made for both baby and moms, this skincare line is ideal for small cuts, insect bites, diaper rashes, and even chapped lips.

Sunscreen is must-have baby product and Bumpies from CaliforniaBaby is the brand that ensures a chemical free application. Made with vegan ingredients, this sunscreen is free of synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and is perfect for both mom’s and baby’s skin.


To carry your child necessities you will need a bag. One of the greatest eco-friendly baby products just happens to be for moms. Fluerville makes a handy carry bag made completely from recycled plastic bottles. Equipped with a wipe case, changing pad, and fleece pocket to store your delicate items, nothing could be more fashionable. You can also take this bag with you during walks and runs for a fit pregnancy .

Plates and bottles

If you’re in the market for BPA free baby bottles , check out the super sustainable bottles from ThinkBaby. Not only are these bottles toxic free, they can be transformed into sippy cups as your child ages.

The Supdmer is an ideal plate choice for eco-conscious parents. These plastic-like plates made from a biodegradable vegetable-based solution from potatoes, making them completely chemical and toxic free.

If you love the idea of bamboo, look no further than to get your set of chemical free baby bowls. Made from organic bamboo, these beautiful bowls are made to last and add a zap of color to your collection of eco-friendly baby products.


Plum Organics provides babies with 100% organic fruits and vegetables. These pureed foods are available in a variety of flavors and are packaged in BPA-free wrapping. For eco-friendly baby products, you may want to try Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food. Made toxic and heavy metal free, these organic food choices are another great eco-friendly option. It’s also important to use natural products to clean your home, food dishes, and messy food spills.