Turkey crafts for kids

Put together a few turkey crafts to get your family into the grateful and thankful spirit.

Whether you’re trying to keep your kids busy as Thanksgiving gets closer, or you want some fun and unique crafts to decorate your home for the big day , making something with your children can be fun and beneficial. It gives you some quality time to spend together, and delps develop fine motor skills, color recognition, and creativity. Put together a few turkey crafts to get your family into the grateful and thankful spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hand and footprint turkeys

Making turkeys out of your child’s hand and footprints is fun for them and a great keepsake for you. When you hang it up each year, you can see how much your little one has grown since you making it. Trace your child’s footprint on a piece of brown paper and cut it out for the turkey’s body. Trace several outlines of your child’s hands on red, yellow and orange paper. Cut them out and glue them around the heel of the body to form feathers. Add googly eyes and an orange paper triangle as a beak.

Paint chip turkeys

This is a fun craft for small budgets. Head to your local home improvement store and grab a few paint chip cards in fall colors. Yellow, orange, red and brown are good choices. Cut the paint chips into feather shapes. Help your child cut a paper plate in half and color it brown. Glue the feathers on the back of the paper plate. Use a marker to write something your child is thankful for on each of the feathers.

Pine cone turkeys

Pine cones make a great base for turkey crafts because they’re the right shape and color for the body . Walk around the neighborhood with your kids and let them each select the perfect pine cone. At home, use fabric scraps to create feet, a beak, and feathers. Use hot glue to adhere them to the pine cone. Be sure to do this step yourself to prevent your child from being burned by the hot glue gun. You can also use leaves from around the yard as feathers.

Turkey wreaths

If your kids are older, they might not be interested in cutting and gluing paper turkeys. Get them into the spirit of Thanksgiving with a wreath —plain foam wreaths may be purchased at your local craft store. You’ll also need some black yarn and red, yellow, and orange tulle. Wrap the lower quarter of each wreath with the black yarn. Add shaky eyes. Next, cut the tulle into 8 inch strips and tie them to the wreath, with the ends pointing outward. These will become the turkey’s feathers. Hang the wreaths in windows throughout your home .

Edible turkeys

What could be more kid-friendly than a craft your kids can eat? This is an easy way to make turkeys that double as dessert on Thanksgiving. Start with small cookies. Tan or brown ones work best because they form the body of the turkey. Place a tiny dab of frosting on the pointed end of several pieces of candy corn and stick them to the cookie to form the feathers. Use gel frosting to make the eyes and beak on the front of the turkey. Lay the cookies flat so the frosting can set.