When is it time to seek sex therapy?

So, you’re off to see if sex therapy can help put a little love back in your life? Millions of American couples make their way to their therapist’s office each year for this very purpose. If you’ve ever wondered what causes couples to make the trek, the reasons may not be as shocking as you think.

Uneven sex drives

Whether its sexual dysfunction, sexual disinterest, or a low libido, it is normal for men and women to have mismatched sex drives. According to Jan Shifren, MD approximately 40% of American women suffer some form of sexual problem. When one partner wants sex a few times a week, and the other is content with hopping between the sheets a few times a month, things can get heated, but for all the wrong reasons.


Having children can bring a completely new meaning to your sex life. Instead of feeling sexy, you find yourself exhausted with all night feedings and constant interruptions. Many women experience low libidos after childbirth due to hormonal changes while others become uncomfortable with the changes of their body. It is normal for couples to put sex on the back burner until the timing seems better, but when that better timing never arrives, sex therapy can help.

Lack of sexual desire

Certified sex therapist Stephen Betchen says that lack of desire is the most commonly reported sexual problem amongst couples. He explains that low sexual desire is professionally referred to as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and is found more often in women than in men. He says that there can be many possible causes,but it is normally treatable.

Difference in sexual preferences

If you find your partner shows a keen interest in pornography, online sex, masturbation, and prostitution, he or she may be a sex addict. Dr. Betchen explains that even though it is more common in men, women can suffer from sexual addiction as well. Sex therapy may be needed to help solve the issues that come with sexual addiction behaviors. These issues normally include intimacy problems, trust issues, and a lack of connection.


Extra material affairs are another common reason many couples head to sex therapy. Although some marriages end after an affair, other couples choose to move ahead to rebuild their marriage.

Sex therapy is an excellent resource for those who are having sexual problems. Whether you are suffering from a medical problem such as performance issues, or you simply have low libido and need a boost, sex therapy may just be the help you’re looking for.