Your Summer wardrobe: 7 tips to follow when it putting away

Clearing out unneeded clothes at the end of each season is crucial to maintaining an organized and easily manageable closet.

The days are getting shorter and weather is getting cooler, signs that Fall is almost here. Aside from mourning another beautiful Summer passing, it’s time to get practical about organization . Clearing out unneeded clothes at the end of each season is crucial to maintaining an organized and easily manageable closet. The task may seem daunting, but it can be simple by breaking it down into these seven simple steps.

Step One – Gather

The first thing to do when putting away your Summer wardrobe is to determine which of your clothes are indeed only used in the hotter months. Be sure not to pack away items that can still be used throughout the year. Tank tops are the perfect example. Although they are generally used in the Summer, tanks can be layered year round under sweaters and cardigans.

Step Two – Minimize

As you remove your Summer wardrobe from the closet, take a look at what you have actually worn this season. Any items that were not worn at all should be donated. Even if you think you will wear an item again, chances are if you skipped it this year you will likely skip it next year as well.

Step Three – Sort

Now what you have left in your Summer wardrobe pile are all items you will likely wear again next year. So before packing them away you can sort them for easier retrieval, just in case you realize you need something before next Summer! Sort items in piles of decorative tanks, shirts, shorts, and skirts.

Step Four – Mend

Before putting away clothes for the year it is important to make sure they are ready to wear when you get them out. This simply means you should go through each item and ensure it is clean and free from rips. If something needs mending it is important to do it now and not procrastinate until next year. Think of it this way: you are already in working mode, so you might as well do it now!

Step Five – Pack

Packing away your Summer wardrobe is simple. Fold each item neatly, ensuring it remains in the properly sorted pile, the put the clothes in plastic bins. Write the contents of each bin on a piece of masking tape to label the bin for easy retrieval. Don’t forget the Summer shoes, which can be stored in Ziploc bags or other plastic bags.

Step Six – Put Away

Underbed storage is the best way to store your seasonal wardrobe. This ensures that your clothes are never too far away and are safe from damage that would more likely occur in an attic, basement, or garage. If underbed bins are not workable for you, keep clothes in sealable plastic bags and store them in your closet on shelves or tucked away in a corner on the floor.

Step Seven – Reward Yourself!

While the task of putting away your Summer clothes was made relatively simple with these tips, you still accomplished your goal and deserve to be rewarded! Fall clothes are already on the racks, and the newest trends will be the first to clear from the shelves, so take some time and shop early this season. Pick out one great Fall outfit to fill your newly transformed closet!