10 Ways to be romantic (without much planning!)

It shouldn’t take an anniversary or Valentine’s Day to let that special someone know how much you care. Be romantic on a whim! Here are 10 ways to be romantic that only take a few minutes of planning and a few dollars to do.

  1. Write a love note. Tuck it in your sweetheart’s lunch bag, coat pocket, or purse. A simple, handwritten “I love you!” will do. If you’re feeling particularly poetic, write a sentence or two why your loved one makes you smile.

  2. Go for a walk. Simply getting out of the house and away from your day-to-day routine can be inspiring. Pick a romantic area to explore. A park landscaped with flowers, a lookout spot, or even a walk in the woods alone can rev up your feelings and burn a few calories.

  3. Bake cookies together. Slip on some cute aprons and get busy. Making a sweet treat that you can later share is romantic.

  4. Create a mood. Add a few romantic touches to a favorite room. Revamp the bedroom with a dozen new candles and rose petals sprinkled on the bed, or splurge on a fresh-cut bouquet for the dining room table and dinner from a favorite take-out restaurant.

  5. Give a compliment. Something as simple as saying how cute a new pair of jeans looks, or that your boyfriend’s hairstyle is sexy, paired with a kiss on the neck, can turn up the heat in no time.

  6. Give a gift. You don’t have to drain the bank account for a gift to be meaningful. Consider picking up gourmet cupcakes to share after dinner. Keep it romantic by pairing the edible gift with hot cocoa or wine.

  7. Wash each other’s hair. Jump in the shower and lather up. There’s nothing more sensual and romantic than gently massaging each other’s scalps and cuddling under the warm water spray.

  8. Give foot rubs. After you’ve both bathed and are preparing for bed, give a surprise foot massage. Use peppermint lotion to arouse your senses and soothe the feet.

  9. Dress sexy. It’s easy to get into a slump of wearing the same old pair of jeans or comfy yoga pants. Instead, slip into that lacy little camisole, high heels, and miniskirt. Your sweetie will take notice.

  10. Send a steamy text message. Remind your honey why you love him and what he has waiting for him at home. Don’t say too much or send a photo. Let him think about your playful words and create a picture in his mind.

  11. Why wait? Try these 10 ways to be romantic this week!

    Photo source: stock.exchng