25th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents

After 25 years of marriage, it’s time to splurge on your parents. After all, they’ve done the same for you on every birthday. Show them your love on their silver anniversary with one of these sentimental 25th wedding anniversary gifts.

1. Matching birthstone jewelry
Celebrate the family by having a ring made for your mother. Have one rhinestone for each child inset into the ring. The stones should correspond to the childrens’ birthstones or birth months. For your father, have a matching pair of cuff links made with the rhinestones inset into a silver backing. If you’re having an anniversary party, be sure to give the gifts before the celebration, so they can be worn to the event.

2. A family portrait
If you can’t remember the last time you visited a photography studio and had a family picture taken, make an appointment. Your parents will love to have an updated picture of all the children gathered together for a professional portrait. This gift is especially an touching way to commemorate their 25th wedding anniversary if there’s a new member of the family that has never been involved in a family portrait session.

3. A keepsake for the home
If there are several children in your family, pool your resources and consider buying a gift for the home that will become a keepsake. Consider a clock, a piece of furniture, or a wall hanging. If your parents never took the time to arrange or display wedding photos, have a silver frame engraved with their wedding date and enlarge a picture from their special day.

4. A weekend getaway
Give the gift of time. Book a weekend at a nearby bed and breakfast or resort for your parents. While they enjoy some romantic time away from home, get the family together to do some extra house cleaning, yard cleanup or organize the garage. Then when your parent’s return, they’ll be able to relax and talk about their trip without worrying about being behind on the house work.

5. Recreate the wedding dinner
To keep the celebration simple, send your parents to a fancy dinner that mirrors their wedding meal. Choose a restaurant that can recreate the menu and allows you to bring in a special dessert–a replica of the top layer of the couple’s wedding cake. If your parents used toasting flutes at the wedding, loan the keepsakes to the restaurant to use for a special 25th wedding anniversary toast.