5 breakfast recipes for kids

Kids simply don’t like the same foods as adults. Although that platter of huevos rancheros makes your mouth water, little ones have no interest. Make your child excited for breakfast by creating child-friendly, colorful, bite-size breakfast recipes. Here’s how!

1. Pancake bites
Mix up a batch of pancake batter. Fill mini muffin tins half full with the batter. Now, get creative! Sprinkle fresh blueberries, chocolate chips, or diced banana onto the top of the batter. Bake the pancake bites in the oven at the same temperature and time as cupcakes. The tiny pancakes are the perfect size for small fingers to grasp. The best part of this recipe? If you’re short on time, make several pancake bites in the evening and freeze them. In the morning pop a few in the microwave for a quick breakfast.

2. Fruit kabobs
Kids like finger foods. Offer your child small kabobs of colorful fruits that are interesting. Try poking a smooth grape, moist pineapple chunk, and bumpy strawberry on a slender pretzel stick. Other fruits to try include cubes of mango, banana, and cherries. Pair the fruit kabobs with a side of yogurt dipping sauce for a breakfast rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins.

3. Egg bites
Make sure your little one gets enough protein by whipping up breakfast recipes made with eggs. To make egg bites beat eggs and milk together to create a basic scrambled egg mix. Pour the egg mixture into mini muffin tins. Now, add crumbled cooked bacon or diced sausage links to the egg. Bake in the oven as you would a quiche and serve the egg bites warm with mild salsa or queso dipping sauce.

4. Breakfast burrito
If your child is really picky about food, hide it. Start with a small 6-inch flour tortilla. Now, layer on the foods your child will usually eat. Try a combination of sliced deli meat and cheese; scrambled eggs and bacon; or peanut butter and jelly. Offer the tortilla wrapped burrito-style, or roll, slice into small wheels, and serve.

5. French dippers
When you make a batch of french toast or the family, it’s easy to make it kid-friendly. After frying the bread, slice it into narrow strips. Once it has cooled slightly, serve the strips with small containers of syrup and fruit preserves. Show the child how to dip the bread into the various sauces for a tasty breakfast.