5 easy makeup tips for brown eyes

Whether your eyes are hazel, chocolate brown, or the color of creamy caramel, it’s best to work with earth-tone colors of eye makeup. Here are five simple makeup tips for brown eyes that enhance your eye color without leaving you looking like a circus clown.

Tip 1:
Start by applying a thin layer of foundation or concealer on your eyelids. This makes it easier for makeup to stick and stay in place longer. Next, cover the eyelid with a soft, muted eye shadow. Pick a shade just a few tones darker than your skin tone. Now, choose a shimmery rust-colored eye shadow to highlight the eye. Apply this color in the corner of your eye, closest to your nose. Blend well to the center of the eyelid.

Tip 2:
For a night-out look, add one more color to your eyelids. Choose a pale peach, pink, or ivory tone to dust just above your brow bones, under your eyebrows. This creates a shimmery highlight to offset your brown eyes. Don’t use too much of this pale color and remember to blend well with a makeup brush.

Tip 3:
Use eyeliner. For a subtle look, line just the lower eyelid. Use a chocolate hue to coordinate with your brown eyes. If you want to rev up your look for a date or special event, use a matching liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelids. Sweep the eyeliner tip across your eyelid from the inside (near your nose) to the outside. Finish with a line slightly longer than your eyelid to create a cat-eye effect.

Tip 4:
Make eyelashes stand out with mascara. This gives sparse eyelashes more definition and brings the focus of your makeup back to your eyes. Use a black color, lash-extending formula. Avoid using a brown hue–it will look too matchy-matchy with your other brown-based eye makeup.

Tip 5:

Finally, enhance your lips to offset your brown eyes. Think nude lips with a touch of sparkle. Use a clear lip gloss to add shimmer if your lips have a subtle cocoa hue. If your lips are pale pink, try wearing a shimmer lip tint in a soft pastel peach or pink. This enhances your natural color without upstaging your eye makeup. Save the burgundy and pink lipstick for when you want the focus on your smile.

Use these makeup tips for brown eyes the next time you’re headed out for an afternoon with girlfriends or getting dolled up for date night. Enjoy!

Photo source: stock.xchng