5 tips to get organized

A home should be a place where families feel safe, secure, and happy. To create this environment, it is important to keep the home clean and organized, since clutter can create anxiety and uneasiness, even in children. No busy mom can be expected to have the perfect home, but with a few quick tips and a little time, you can get organized. Once your home is properly organized, it is easier to keep it clean.

Clutter control

This is the most important aspect of getting organized. Go around the house and make notes on the most cluttered areas. Tackle them one at a time so you do not get discouraged. For most families, the computer/business area is a top priority, as papers and bills tend to pile high here. Go through old paperwork and file it properly in a plastic file container or a nice cabinet. For future paperwork, get a magazine holder to store loose important papers.

  • File old papers and throw away papers you don’t need
  • Use a magazine holder for loose paperwork
  • Get a coupon organizer
  • Re-purpose old magazines for crafts

Kitchen tips

A kitchen should always be the cleanest part of a house, not just for your sanity but also because it is healthier for your family. Old food, grease, and crumbs invite rodents and bugs into your house. Keeping a kitchen organized is the best way to encourage cleanliness.

  • Keep the sink empty
  • Store utensils in drawers instead of on the counter
  • Store brooms, sponges, and dish soap out of sight
  • Keep only appliances that are used weekly on the counter
  • Keep the top of the refrigerator de-cluttered
  • Toys

    Toys are difficult to get organized, since they are constantly being played with. The easiest wasy to keep them under control is to use storage bins and encourage children to put them where they belong. Even the youngest kids can help–just use pictures on the front of bins so little ones know where they belong.

    • Make sure all toys have a place; even plastic “clutter” bins are fine
    • Keep a stylish basket in the main living area and put all random items in there daily; take 15 minutes to put things away when it gets full (you can make this a child’s weekly chore)
    • Donate unused toys often


    Bedrooms are usually the last place in a house to get organized, since a door can easily be shut to ignore the clutter! Use these tips to help get every room in the house under control.

    • Have appropriate bins for items such as scrapbooking materials, mementos, and photos
    • Use storage area under the bed for unnecessary clutter like stuffed animals and extra bedding
    • Keep a laundry basket and trash bin in every bedroom
    • Invest in over-the-door shoe organizers to keep shoes off the floor
    • Keep hats stacked nicely in a closet or use a hat organizer
    • Have a hook in every room to hang jackets and backpacks
    • Photo source: Flickr