6 Christmas tree themes to express your personality this holiday season

If you’re bored with standard white lights, silver tinsel, and holiday bulbs, get creative. From favorite television shows and antiques, to classic girly ideas or an uncommon color scheme, try decorating with one of these Christmas tree themes to make your tree the talk of the family.

1. Celebrate ancestry
Dig out those hand-painted ornaments and favorite antique decorations from your grandparents. It’s time to create a tree that celebrates family and culture. In addition to using heirloom ornaments, decorate the tree with solid-colored bulbs in colors that represent the flags from your relatives’ home countries. For example, if your family hails from Peru, choose red and white bulbs.

2. Get colorful
Is your home decorated in one favorite color? Why not make the Christmas tree match? Start by choosing an ornamental white tree from the store. A plain white backdrop will make your colorful decorations stand out. Then, deck the tree in classic decor made of the favorite color. For example, if pink is your thing, look for strings of pink lights, pink garland, pink icicle ornaments, and pink ribbons. Pretty!

3. Channel childhood memories
Whether you have children or not, it’s fun to try Christmas tree themes centered around movie characters, cartoons, and video games. Browse specialty retailers for garland, ornaments, and even strings of lights shaped like popular characters and logos. Then, enhance the tree with a few solid-colored ornaments that coordinate with the colors found in the other decorations.

4. Flaunt fancy feathers
Want to really go over-the-top? Head to the craft store and stock up on feathers. This girly fashion statement is sure to make your tree quite uncommon. Whether your opt for shiny green and blue peacock feathers or flowing white plumes from a swan, elegance is key. Don’t add too many feathers and stick to a strict color palette when flaunting feathers.

5. Try a ribbon tree
Love the look of professionally wrapped gifts? Mimic the flowing bows on the branches of your holiday tree. Start by choosing two or three patterns of wire-edged ribbon so your bows will have some rigidity and last all season long. Then, start tying. Place bows made from slender ribbons near the ends of the branches and tuck larger bows further back to fill any gaps between the branches.

6. Feeling spicy
So you love everything hot and spicy? Chili pepper Christmas tree themes are a classic Hispanic departure from a traditional Christmas tree. Pick up a few strands of red chili-pepper shaped lights and ornaments that resemble bottles of hot sauce.