Avoiding weight gain: Is your relationship making you chubby?

You’ve met the man of your dreams. He’s perfect, and he even takes you out to breakfast every day of the week. Wait! Those morning dates could be sabotaging your figure. Don’t be a victim of new relationship weight gain. Sure, frequenting the local cafe to show off your new hunk is a thrill, but you may be unknowingly packing on the calories. Turn this relationship around fast!

1. Cook together

Cuddle in the kitchen. Pick up a romantic cookbook focused on dinner for two and slip into some aprons. Trading a few restaurant meals with home cooked versions is a great way to get in some alone time and better for your diet. Restaurant food is loaded with sodium and fat to make the dishes taste extra decadent. Instead, show off your culinary skills by tackling a healthy homemade salsa or pan of vegetarian enchiladas.

2. Get physical

If most of your dates involve sitting in a movie theater, lingering over a plate of nachos, or surfing the television for a good show, it’s time to get active. Instead, slip into some sneakers and plan dates that are more physical to stave off weight gain. Go bowling, try ice skating, tackle a rock climbing wall, strike up a soccer game with other couples, walk in a park, go for a swim, or rent a tandem bike and explore your city together. Get creative when battling lingering weight gain!

3. Plan day dates

At the end of the day, it’s too easy to relax and eat mindless calories that can cause unexpected weight gain. When possible, plan daytime dates on days off, the weekends, and holidays. You’re more likely to have the energy for active dates earlier in the day. Who says you can’t enjoy a morning walk on a nature trail to get your day started off right.

4. Exercise together

Once you’ve been together for a while dates don’t always have to mean primping and preening before seeing each other. So, sweat together, join the same gym and enjoying marking exercise off your To Do list while getting a few extra minutes with your sweetheart. After a while you might even do the grocery shopping or walk the dog together. Everyday tasks are much more enjoyable with someone you like spending time with.

5. Try new foods

Head to the grocery store. Make it a game to try a new food each week. The trick is: it must be healthy. If you’ve never had star fruit, fresh papaya, pomegranate juice, or pistachios add them to your must-try list. You never know, you might just find a new favorite food and keep weight gain to a minimum by replacing your usual snacks with this adventure.