Bedroom design ideas for small spaces

A small bedroom doesn’t have to feel small. Step outside of a cramped, suffocating space and into your own peaceful refuge with a few easy bedroom design ideas. Simple tricks like creating dimension with mirrors and using decorative storage pieces can make a room appear open and stylish.

Creating space and warmth

To make a room appear bigger, use mirrors. For a refined look, choose three mirrors of the same color and shape and hang them in a straight line above the bed or dresser. A floor-length mirror makes a great decorative piece for a small area. Paint the frame a color that will match the color scheme of the room. To make your bedroom feel more spacious and less cluttered, stick with a limited color palette. Using too many colors can feel overwhelming, especially in a tiny space! For a calm, airy atmosphere, try whites and neutral colors and then accent with one brighter color such as burgundy wine, sage green, or cornflower blue.

Warm, soft lights shining from different angles can make a remarkable difference as well. Instead of cluttering open surfaces with too many lamps, utilize the walls and ceiling. Add a ceiling light fixture to make another angle for light to diffuse from. This also serves as a golden opportunity to add some personalized style to your bedroom without taking up floor space. Wall light sconces are another excellent addition. Keep the lights low, soft, and warm. Bright, glaring light can be overpowering.

Bedroom design ideas for stylish storage

With a small area, you need to be creative with storage space. Make your furniture work for you. Store clothes, shoes, and other personal items under the bed with a storage box, basket, or drawers. If you want to add a pop of color, try painting wooden underbed units with a color from your color palette. To save money, look for old, used boxes or drawers. Clean them, sand them, and decorate for your own gorgeous, space-saving pieces. Place a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed. This gives you another place to put a few things, but it also neatly defines the bed area. Instead of using a night table, use a nightstand that comes with either shelves or drawers. You can also mount shelving on the walls to stack books, place photographs, and accent your room with decorations.

Try out these bedroom design ideas to help make your room feel comfortable and spacious, no matter how small it actually is. Your bedroom should be an area for you to enjoy and relax in. Invest a little time and money in mirrors, the right lighting, and storage pieces that make your room feel bigger and look exactly like you want it to look. Don’t forget to check secondhand stores for great deals and for an original look.