Breakfast taco makeover

Nothing says “good morning” like a breakfast taco and a cup of coffee. However, as many women are all too aware, this comfort food can quickly become an uncomfortable foe. Do you love Mexican food, but not the guilty feeling you experience after eating it? Here are a few healthy tips to alter your breakfast that will let you have your queso and eat it, too.

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, so you’d better get it right. Give yourself a break and a boost by making a few substitutions that offer a healthy, energizing makeover of the traditional breakfast taco.

1. Exchange the flour tortilla you may be used to eating, for whole wheat tortillas. There have been great improvements in whole wheat flour. It’s no longer a cardboard stand-in for the bendy, soft flour original. There are even low-carb tortillas available now. So don’t dismiss the idea of converting to whole wheat or low-carb. Give it a try! The calorie count isn’t all that different, but the whole wheat tortilla and low-carb option can give you some much-needed energy and sustenance.

2. Instead of using whole eggs, with the yolk, use just egg whites. Can’t stand the thought of eating nothing but egg whites? Then use one egg and add egg whites (about one quarter cup for a single serving) to your mixture. This will fill you up and boost your protein without adding to the calorie or cholesterol count of the taco.

3. Go green! A handful or two of raw spinach (one handful is roughly the equivalent of one cup or a single vegetable serving ) is a great way to fill up and give you antioxidants and all the other good stuff spinach offers.

4. No breakfast taco would be complete without the cheese. Again, a simple substitution can make a huge difference in terms of health. Go low-fat and you’ll enjoy half the fat and all the flavor. About a quarter cup of skim-milk mozzarella will add gooey goodness to your breakfast taco and drastically reduce your caloric and fat intake you would have had from using the old cheddar standby.

So, to recap, this breakfast taco has got it all: dairy, grains, veggies, and protein. It’s practically a superfood! And all women can incorporate this heart- and waist-friendly breakfast taco into their morning routine! Here are some other budget-friendly healthy recipes.

Photo source: Flickr