College admission: what you need to know

Getting your kids into college is one of the hardest things to do; it’s expensive, and it needs a lot of thought and planning. It all starts with a college admission, applying to colleges and actually getting admitted to the one you want can be difficult, but, ttheire are tips and guidelines that can help you through the process.

Understand that it is important that your child gets good grades on their PSAT and SAT examinations. These test scores are closely analyzed by the colleges they’ll be applying to. Some colleges require a really high SAT score to get admitted. Your child will most likely take the PSAT first, which will give them a good idea of how they’ll do on their SAT. The next step is to start looking at the university itself; take into consideration the physical, academic, and cultural environment of the institution. Your child will be attending this school for four years, so it’s important they feel comfortable, but also challenged there. Look at things like; which majors are available, the teachers’ expectations, GPA requirements, and the cultural diversity in the campus. Perhaps the biggest consideration will be the yearly tuition cost, and living expenses.

The college admission application

Admission applications vary from institution to institution. Some require you provide in-depth information and submit projects such as:

  • One or two essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Extra-curricular activities you have taken

Deadlines for applications

Application deadlines vary at each institution. Most colleges start accepting college admission applications between December 15 and February 1, for the next fall semester. Some students can apply the summer before their senior year. Remember that it can take months for a school to get back to you, unless they do rolling admissions, which means they will notify you of your status two to three weeks after they have received your application. The colleges that are considered hard to get into usually have different deadlines. They may run from November 15 through December 15 which would be an early decision.

The college admission process is a complicated one, and it should be done ahead of time to avoid delay. It’s essential that your child looks at colleges’ websites to find out more information about the institution they are interested in. There are several websites where you can compare information about different school’s environments, their missions, degree information, and application requirements, as well as tuition fees and plans. Getting admitted into a university is one of the best activities one can experience, because this is where your career and success begins!