Creative craft ideas for your home

Crafts are not just for kindergarten students and young girls. Women who have that creative bone can make truly amazing and beautiful crafts. Surround yourself with hand made goods that will make your house feel more like a home. Try a few of these creative craft ideas on your own or with a friend. Do not be intimidated by even the trickier crafts, just take it one step at a time, and remember it is supposed to be unique, not perfect.


Throw pillows and small cushions make a big statement on a couch or lounge chair. A once bare spot can look stylish and cozy with the added touch of a pillow and a throw. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find just the right pillow at a price you can swallow. So if you can’t find it, create it! Start with a cushion pad, the fabric to cover it, and a felt in your color of choice. Create a simple casing for the cushion, and use the felt to cut out letters to sew on the front. Words like “family” or “peace” make great statements. Use colors that contrast, but still look mature and stylish. A navy blue pillow with gray lettering is a good example, but go with whatever colors are already in your theme.

Colorful Kitchen Towels

Get truly creative with this craft. Use a potato to create a fun stamp that can be used on items in the kitchen, such as towels, aprons and oven mitts. Start by creating a design with a pen on the inside of a potato half. Use a sharp knife to cut away everything around the design. Dip the potato stamp in fabric paint and stamp crisp white towels and other items. This craft is simple!


If your bedroom is in need of a face lift, the best place to start is with bedding and a headboard. By creating your own headboard you are ensuring your colors and design theme are consistent throughout the space. Of all the creative craft ideas, this one may seem the most challenging, but in reality it is a large project, but it’s still relatively simple. Start with a large piece of board that is measured to fit to the outside of the bed frame. Get fabric, filler and embellishments at a craft store, and rent or purchase a staple gun. Add filler and wrap the fabric tightly over the board. This part will take two adults, one to hold the fabric and the other to staple along the back edges. Cut away excess fabric and add embellishments to finish!