Dangers of alcohol abuse

Regardless of age or ethnic background, different people indulge in alcohol for different reasons. While some simply need to unwind in the privacy of their homes, others head out for after-work drinks as a means of socializing. This is not considered alcohol abuse.

People have been consuming alcohol as a celebratory form of entertainment or acceptable means of socializing for ages. Even in our more modern times, drinking alcohol remains a way of celebrating and socializing; however, this form of celebrating does not always occur responsibly.

It is not uncommon for troubled people to drink to get through a day. We sometimes hear of friends who claim they need a drink, to which there may be more truth than we realize. Enjoying alcohol does not necessarily mean there is a problem; conversely, if you know of someone who binge drinks, this could be reason for concern.

What is considered alcohol abuse?

Heading out for a night of drinks with friends is not something that is frowned upon or considered abusive. Getting out and letting your hair down, sort of speak, can be a great way to relax and let go of the week’s stresses. When drinking becomes a regular means of stress relief, or an only means of enjoyable entertainment, there may be a problem.

Experts say that excessive alcohol consumption, including heavy drinking and binge drinking, can be a sign of a problem. In addition, women who drink in their youth or when pregnant may also have something to worry about.

What are the normal drinking limits?

Since each person handles alcoholic beverages differently, you are probably the best judge when it comes to personal limits. Nevertheless, there are standard guidelines that can be useful for what are considered to be normal drinking limits. For women of all ages and ethnic groups, more than one drink a day or four drinks during any single occasion is considered acceptable and within the “non-worry” range of alcohol consumption.

What are the dangers of alcohol abuse?

Numerous health issues come hand in hand with excessive alcohol consumption. Besides immediate effects such as traffic injuries, falls, alcohol poisoning, and other unintentional injuries, miscarriages, violence, and risky sexual behavior can also occur. Consuming a healthy amount of alcoholic drinks over the course of an evening is the best way to make sure everyone has a fun and safe night.

Photo source: Flickr