Discover the perfect blush for you

Finding the perfect blush is not always easy. Sometimes it seems safer to skip the rosy cheeks than to risk a blush faux-pas. The wrong color or consistency can create an unnatural look, or it can make your makeup appear overpowering. Choose a product that works well with your skin. With the right powder, gel, or cream you can have flawless color, adding just the right amount of vibrancy to your look.

Cream or powder?

Which is the best type of blush to use? Creams and gels are great because they can blend into the skin, creating a natural look. On the other hand, they can streak. If you are not confident with your blush application, then start with powders. They work with different skin types and they can be easily used to create a soft look. Use a good brush. Start on the apples of your cheeks, and then brush upwards and outwards from below the center of the eye and along the cheekbone. Use a translucent powder as a base for a more flawless look.

For dry skin, creams are an excellent option. They look great, and the extra hydration is useful for your skin. If you have an oily complexion, then the perfect blush for you may be a gel, which is good news, as a gel blush has the best staying power! For sensitive skin, try mineral makeup. Natural cosmetics are less likely to irritate your skin, while still providing great color and allure.

Choosing the perfect blush color

To find the best color to enhance your cheeks, take a look at your skin’s natural subtle coloring; the undertones. Warm undertones match warm undertones in makeup. Women with a bronze or honey complexion, and strawberry blondes, usually have warm undertones, and should look for orange pinks like peach or coral. Women with fair skin and blue, gray, or green eyes, often have cool undertones and look good with cool pinks, mauves, and plums. For a simple blush rule, listen to makeup artist Laura Mercier, she says that roses work for pale skin, apricots for medium complexions, and muted brick reds enliven dark skin. If unsure, choose a color in the neutral color palette.

You can find the perfect blush if you follow a few basic guidelines. Use the right type of makeup for your skin type, and rely on your undertones for color inspiration. Applying blush can add gorgeous vibrancy to your look. Take advantage of it! Find what is perfect for you and add a little natural looking color to your cheeks.