DIY jewelry holder: organizing earrings

When you have several–well, maybe dozens–of pairs of earrings, it’s tough to keep them organized. Be creative and make a cute DIY jewelry holder to keep the accessories from becoming scratched and tangled. You’ll never have another earring go missing again!

Step 1: Find a frame
Search the resale stores and your grandmother’s basement for a large frame with character. Look for carved wood or etched metal that matches your bedroom interior. Don’t worry about the color. You can always apply a coat of spray paint to make the jewelry holder fit your color scheme.

Step 2: Prep the wire
Cut a piece of chicken wire to fit inside the frame. Any fine mesh wire that is large enough to poke an earring back through will work. Be sure to wear gloves to keep your hands from getting poked by the metal’s ends. Tin snips make the cutting easy and quick.

Step 3: Fill the frame
Lay the wire on the inside of the frame from the back. Now fit a piece of colorful cloth-covered cardboard or thick, mounted poster board in the frame. This should fit snugly, as if you were framing it like a picture. Choose a solid color or a muted pattern so your jewelry shows up against the background. Replace the frame on the DIY jewelry holder.

Step 4: Hang the frame and earrings
Hang the DIY jewelry holder on the wall in your bedroom. It looks best next to a vanity or makeup table. Now, sort your earrings. Hang pairs of fishhook-back earrings by poking the long ends through the wire. Rotate hoop earrings so they lay flat against the frame. To display short post earrings, simply poke them through with the stops still attached. The little metal piece will latch onto the wire.

Are your necklaces in shambles too? Add a few thumbscrew hooks to the lower edge of the frame. Then, hang matching necklaces near the corresponding earrings. The hooks also work for narrow-width bracelets or lightweight scarves. Now your favorite accessories are on display and easily within reach when you’re putting together a cute outfit!

Photo source: stock.xchng