Easy clear-complexion tips to keep your face glowing

No amount of make up, no matter how expensive, will hide an unhealthy complexion. Like an artist, whose most basic need is a good canvas, your priority should be to achieve a clear and wholesome skin that you can later highlight with the products you prefer. Below are a few clear-complexion tips that you can follow to help your skin glow.

Use a soap-free cleanser

Using soap and body gels on your body is just fine, but you may want to consider a soap-free cleanser for your face. Soap contains alkaline products that may be too harsh for your complexion and may trigger an allergy. Soap-free cleansers are easily available at drugstores for as little as six dollars. They are designed to hold on to water and oil so that you can remove oils and dirt from your skin as you rinse.

Stay in the shade

Remember to protect your skin from the sun. While a few people still choose to worship the sun at the beach, plenty has been said already about the correlation between too much sun exposure and skin cancer. A good sunscreen is an inexpensive product that can protect your face from harmful UV rays. Besides, covering from the sun gives you an opportunity to play around with fashion: get a gorgeous wide brim hat when you’re going to be out for a prolonged amount of time and look beautiful while protecting yourself.

Consider what you eat

Your diet and the condition of your skin are closely related. If you are having a hard time with your complexion, give some attention to what you are eating. Consuming more vegetables, fruits, and grains is always a key to better health, which includes, of course, your skin. Foods with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, such as tomatoes, green tea, and fish, are often recommended for the benefit of your overall complexion. Sufficient daily intake of water is very important to keep your face clear and to drive impurities and toxins away from your body.

Know your enemies

While natural foods are your friends, dehydrating products work against you. Drinking too much coffee and alcohol will do the opposite of water, and the less hydration you get, the more noticeable any wrinkles will become. Lack of sleep and stress will show around your eyes in no time as well, and smoking is good for nothing at all.

External care is important

Just like hydrating from the inside is important, hydration from the outside is also necessary. Find a moisturizing cream that goes well with your specific skin type. Daily use of a good cream will make a significant difference in just a short time, and these days creams tackle an array of particular needs: fine lines, sun spots, greasy complexion, and more. You may want to consider a night cream or applying a thin layer of virgin olive oilto your face before going to sleep.

Keep active

Exercise brings elasticity to your body. Sweating clears out the pores and pushes out impurities, so add daily activity into your life.

Your skin says much about the condition of your body, and you should take care of it like the precious machine that it is: a unique one, without replacement. Use these clear-complexion tips help you keep your skin, and your health, glowing!