Easy crafts for kids

As much as we love our kids, there’s nothing more frustrating than when they’re bored or they’re launching into the third hour of a TV marathon. It’s these times you wish you had something constructive for them to do, but what? We offer some creative ideas not just to entertain your kids, but to be able to spend quality time with them too. Read on for some of our favorite crafts for kids.

Soap pump faces (preschool and up)


  • Soap Pump, empty and clean
  • Craft felt or foam
  • Scissors
  • Pom-poms, different sizes colors
  • Tacky glue


Use the felt to cut facial features for your face: eyes, lips, hair, mustache, etc. Glue on soap pump. Use pom-poms for additional features. Allow to dry.

Bottle city (six years and up)


  • Plastic drink bottles (different kinds), clean and dry
  • Sand
  • Craft paper
  • Craft paints
  • Permanent markers
  • Colored paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Instructions

    After filling each bottle about a third of the way with sand and seal. Paint bottles with craft paint and allow to dry. Using markers, decorate bottles with building details (like windows, doors, signs). With colored paper, add finishing touches like spires or roofs with tacky glue. Allow to dry.

    Pull-along toy car (nine years and up)


    • Shirt box, top and bottom, assembled
    • Shoe box, bottom only
    • Craft paint
    • Buttons, stickers, beads all kinds
    • Tape and glue
    • Thin rope, string, or ribbon (long enough to pull)
    • 2 wooden dowels
    • 4 wooden wheels


    Paint boxes, wheels, and wheel dowels – let dry. Decorate with buttons, stickers, or markers. Punch five holes in the shirt box, a small one in the front for the string, and two on each side for the wheels. Tie string through small hole in front of the shoe box. Glue boxes together and allow to dry. If necessary, cut dowels to be five inches longer than the width of the shirt box. Thread through holes on the side of the box and glue wheels. Decorate wheels with buttons (or beads) for hubcaps.

    The next time it’s raining outside, or your kids are restless for something to do, consider putting aside whatever you’re working on to make crafts with your children. Not only do crafts for kids help them exercise their motor and creative skills, but they’re a good way for you to de-stress and spend quality time you otherwise might not have. When you’re done, you’ll have a souvenir of a fun day spent together and memories to last a lifetime.