Eyelash extensions 101: how to get longer lashes in minutes

You already know how to amplify your eyes with bold eyeliner and a great smoky eye. Now rev up your look with eyelash extensions. Want thicker, longer lashes that draw attention to your look? Here’s how to get them!

At-home extensions
If you’re new to the world of false eyelashes, take baby steps. There are several styles of lashes to choose from. The best way to get acquainted with new lashes is to browse a few styles at a local drug store. There are several patterns of lashes, from thick and dense to long and flowing. Some extensions are sparse, to simply fill in your natural look, while others are over-the-top dramatic to accompany a smoky eye.

If you’re feeling ready, grab a pair and head home to experiment. Applying faux lashes yourself can be tricky. Getting the adhesive in place and applying the lashes in a straight line takes practice.

Professional extensions
Do you love the idea of false lashes, but not the messy application process? Give a local dermatologist a call. Professional eyelash extensions can be woven into your existing eyelashes by a cosmetic dermatologist.

These types of extensions are considered semi-permanent. As you naturally shed eyelashes, the extensions will thin out too. But, these last much longer than adhesive eyelashes. If you ever want to remove the false eyelashes, head back to the dermatology office. They can reverse the process.

Lash-extending mascara
Still not sure? Head to the makeup counter at your favorite beauty retailer and look at the assortment of mascara available. From lash thickening to lash-extending, you can improve the appearance of your lashes one day at a time.

This option is perfect for a special event that calls for high heels and gorgeous makeup. Then, at the end of the day, simply wipe away the mascara with makeup remover, and you’re done!

Photo source: stock.exchng