Feeling frustrated: 9 tips to help you deal with it

You are feeling frustrated, and this is consuming the creative energies you need to achieve your goals. These nine tips can help you to deal effectively with the events, people, and things, that cause you to be frustrated in your life.

Understand your frustrations

Don’t ignore your frustrations, try to understand the reasons you feel frustrated. This will help you to deal with it effectively. You are probably frustrated because you are not able to achieve your goals and expectations. Whatever is triggering your feelings of frustrations might be blocking your effort to move forward on a project, in your relationship, or some other area that is important to you.

Change your thought patterns

You will need to develop awareness of the irrational thought patterns that trigger your feelings of frustration. Examine your negative self-talk that results in feelings of frustration. Then, replace them with positive messages about your abilities and your situation.

Create a balanced lifestyle

You are feeling frustrated, so you need to do some things differently in your life. Consider your physical health, and how well you are taking care of it. Begin by making sure that you have a balanced diet, and adequate amounts of exercise and rest. Exercise can help to clear your mind, but it also keeps you physically fit. Similarly, take a break and relax, and stimulate your creative energies.

Rejuvenate yourself

Do you feel out of sorts with little drive to go on? Find new interests and activities to work towards. Get in involved in activities in your community, volunteer to help those are in less fortunate situations than yours. You will find that as you help others, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction, and new perspectives, which will decrease your frustrations.

Organize your life

You might be frustrated, at least in part, because your life lacks purpose. Start by setting specific goals for your life, and work to achieve them. Start with small steps, and as you achieve each one, you become more confident. This could ease the feelings of frustrations, for as your goals are reached, you get a sense of being in control.

Change your focus

It is so easy to get distracted with the things that are blocking your progress in life. Change your focus, for example, look back on your achievements, and the things that have gone well in your life. On closer reflection, you are likely to find that there are positive things in your life right now. Reflecting on the things that are going right could reduce your feelings of frustration.

Build relationships

A key ingredient in a satisfying life is having healthy relationships. This gives you a feeling of belonging. Take time in conversations, and connect with others. As you share with others, and feel understood, your sense of feeling frustrated decreases, and is replaced with relatedness. So find time to reach out and touch the lives of other people.

Start journaling

You can use journaling to help you deal with feeling frustrated. Start by writing down your life events regularly. Use it to monitor your feelings, for example anger, that are associated with those events and experiences. As you spend time to reflect on your experiences and feelings, this could give you a more balanced perspective.

Seek counseling

If your frustrations persist, you might need to talk to a trained mental health professional. Get help to resolve some of the underlying issues for your frustrations, deal with feeling frustrated, and see things in a new perspective.