Fire place

Adding a fireplace to your home can do more than provide a cozy ambiance. If selected with a little consideration and properly installed this new addition to your home can be a very practical feature. Not only will it set the tone for your room, it will also provide a great source of heat. When making your choice, consider more than just aesthetics. Here are some handy hearth-choosing tips to keep in mind:


Deciding why you want to add a hearth to your home will determine several other factors. If you are adding it as a heat source, then you will need to consider proper placement. If it’s simply something pretty to look at and add ambiance, then selecting a piece that is visually appealing will probably be more important.


If you are adding a fireplace to heat your home , keep in mind that generally they are meant to heat only one room. It is easy to heat a room by selecting a gas or wood burning unit. Self-modulated hearths are an excellent, not to mention, rather modern choice. They are thermostat controlled, which means they react to your settings and the temperature of the room. A good unit will output proper heat without the need for a noisy fan.

Going gas

For a gas unit, decide if you want to be able to spark your new heat source with the flick of a switch, a remote control, or by manual operation. Your ignition method will determine how your fireplace is installed. Not every home is set up to properly vent a gas or wood fire, so you can also opt to go electric. Electric inserts are quick to install, do not require ventilation, and are capable of producing heat.


Installing a fireplace for the ambiance of the quietly smoldering flame is an attractive idea for those who do not need a fully functioning unit. Once you’ve chosen your insert, shop around to learn about the available trim options. Installing a hearth as a focal point is an ideal way to enhance your décor, so finding the right trim to match is important. While shopping for trim, remember to look at the different log set options as well. Decorative logs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose a set that fits comfortably inside your chosen insert. There should be a little bit of space around the entire log set. Not only will this provide a natural look, this extra space will prevent overheating.

Be prepared to select your new feature unit from the many fireplace designs on today’s market. A sleek contemporary unit, a traditional wood mantel hearth, or an ornate Victorian style fireplace, are only a few of the choices you will find.