Fun fall activities for kids

Even with summer being a distant memory, there are still opportunities to have fun in the fall. These activities for kids will get families working together and having fun! Use crafts or outdoor games to keep kids active during these cooler months.

Harvest crafts

Pumpkins and leaves are a staple for any fall craft. With a few simple supplies and a lot of imagination, you can turn these ordinary items into something extraordinary that kids will love. Glitter pumpkins are a fun craft that boys and girls will enjoy. Let the child pick out a small pumpkin and his or her favorite color of glitter from a craft store. Pour ordinary white glue in a dish and use a paintbrush to add the glue to the pumpkin. On a paper plate, pour the glitter over the pumpkin. It’s OK to get a little messy–that’s part of the fun! If every member of the house creates his or her own glitter pumpkin, you will have a fun experience and a beautiful decoration for fall. Creating crayon leaf impressions is another activity that is fun for kids of any age. Simply find a large leaf, put a plain piece of paper over it, and use the side of a crayon to rub the image onto the paper!

Outdoor fun

Fall weather gives families the perfect opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer. The cooler temperatures and changing leaves make this season a great time to be outdoors. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt. This activity can be done in two unique ways. For the traditional at heart, make a list of fall items such as leaves and twigs, and go searching as a family. Bring home your items and turn them into a cool fall wreath. Families that are a little more tech savvy and have access to a GPS device, such as a smartphone, can participate in geocaching. The online scavenger hunt is available in most areas and is fun for the whole family.


Use food as a way to learn and have fun with kids this fall. Food brings families together, and cooking is a great activity because you get a product you can eat! The best fall-inspired recipes that kids will enjoy are fresh applesauce and pumpkin pie. Depending on your own culinary skills, you may want to try recipes that fit your experience. The main ingredient in this activity is fun!

It is a popular saying that families that play together, stay together. Use these fun activities for kids to bring your family closer. Whether they involve crafts, outdoor fun, or food, these ideas will keep your family entertained this fall.

Photo source: Flickr