Green Kitchen Ideas

Remodeling your kitchen should not be as expensive as it looks.

Not too expensive tips for a eco-friendly kitchen.
Not too expensive tips for a eco-friendly kitchen.

It is no mystery that more and more homeowners are looking toward green kitchen ideas and eco-friendly solutions. However, many of these eco-friendly options are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Kitchen remodels are known for being an expensive project to invest in, so why not look at some kitchen plans that are environmentally friendly during the process? In addition to choosing green materials, you can also choose environmentally friendly appliances, such as Energy Star, to further explore eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Using recycled newspaper to insulate the walls in the kitchen.
  • Installing LED lights in all the kitchen’s light fixtures.
  • Installing double-paned energy efficient windows.

There are ways to make the kitchen remodel healthier, as well. Not only are these options more eco-friendly, but these kitchen tricks also make your home more efficient. For example, use low or no-VOC paint. In the past, these paints were difficult to find but this is no longer the case. While these paints cost a little more than typical wall paint, they are healthier for the home’s air quality indoors.

Another option is using insulation that is all-green. While this has nothing to do with the way the kitchen will look once the remodeling is complete, it will help with the renovation’s efficiency. While we’re discussing efficiency, when you’re replacing appliances choose once that are as energy efficient as you can afford. Look for Energy Star labels because these appliances have a proven track record for saving between 10 and 50 percent compared to competing models.

Additional ideas include using cabinets that are made from healthy materials, and using energy efficient lighting. It isn’t as easy to swap out cabinetry as it is to swap out light bulbs, but you will notice the difference. When it comes to using cabinets that are made from healthy materials, this improves air quality. Before choosing cabinets and lights, research these kitchen ideas thoroughly. You want to make sure the cabinets fit in with the rest of the kitchen’s design, and ensure lighting isn’t too harsh and bright. Kitchen ideas have to flow and have a theme without being brash.

It’s a little more work for a do-it-yourselfer to tackle green kitchen ideas for remodeling because, in many cases, thinking green means thinking about the carbon footprint and environmental impact of materials and processes. Professional builders who are experts in green construction and renovations will not only know this, but they will also know how to develop green kitchen ideas that suit your tastes and your needs.