How to choose the right mattress for your back

When you choose the right mattress for your aching back, you are more likely to have a comfortable night’s sleep and feel more alert the following day. Finding a quality mattress that supports your back, and helps eliminate pain can be difficult, you don’t want to make it worse. Bear these tips in mind when you go shopping for a new mattress.

Degree of support

To best care for your back, choose the mattress that keeps your spine in alignment without being neither too firm, nor too soft. A mattress with poor support can lead to back pain, writes Virgil D. Wooten, MD, in a Discovery Fit & Health post. Avoid a mattress that is fluffy or has sagging areas. A supportive bed that is not too stiff ,is a bed that helps keeps your back in good condition. If the mattress is quite firm, you can create a softer feel without having to buy a new one. Try placing a memory foam topper, for example, on the mattress to add a level of comfort for your back.

Type of mattress

With so many types of mattresses in store, finding the right mattress for your back can seem overwhelming. A leading type of mattress is the traditional innerspring, although the latex foam variety is increasing in popularity. If you have pain in your lower back, latex foam generally provides a better degree of support for that area than does innerspring. The latex mattress has more flexibility to it than the innerspring, yet keeps your spine in better alignment. The innerspring, on the other hand, has a spring zone and comfort layers that help your back by cushioning your body. The innerspring is a more traditional choice, yet the true test of what’s best for your body comes when you try out the mattress in store.

Test the mattress yourself

To determine which mattress provides the best support for your back, you can test the item out in the store. At the showroom, lay down on the mattress to test how it feels against your back. Lay in different positions, as you likely turn several times in your sleep during an average night. Take off your shoes or wear loose fitting shoes to simulate how the mattress will feel at night. Ensure you get a good sleep the night before you shop so that you are thinking clearly and make the best decision possible.

Don’t be afraid to test out a number of mattresses, some stores will even allow you to return a mattress after several days “at-home” test, it’s important choose the right mattress to get the right comfort level for you, so don’t try to save money by sacrificing your poor spine for a cheap mattress.