How to cope with morning sickness

One of the most unpleasant side effects of being pregnant is morning sickness. Nausea is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy and can last for a few weeks or a few months. It’s perfectly normal but can leave you feeling queasy all day. Here are some tips that may help you combat pregnancy nausea.

Watch what you eat

Don’t eat too heavily before you go to bed, and skip the big fried breakfast in the morning! You probably won’t feel like having a big meal, anyway, so start your day with something small such as a piece of toast or a breakfast biscuit. Peppermint or ginger herbal teas are known to be great for soothing your stomach. You might want to sweeten them with a little sugar or honey and sip them slowly while you wait for the sick feeling to pass. Don’t bloat your stomach by eating heavy meals. Eat little and often throughout the day to aid your digestion. This will help with your morning sickness and your health in general.

Using essential oils

Essential oils can also help with feeling sick. Spearmint or peppermint oil helps to combat nausea and settle the stomach, but you don’t take them internally. Place a drop on your pillow before you get up in the morning and inhale with deep breaths. If this smells too strong, leave a bowl of warm water with three drops of oil in by your bedside so that the subtle aroma can work overnight. For waves of nausea in the day, put two drops of ginger oil in a bowl of warm water and inhale the steam.

Get some fresh air

Try to get plenty of fresh air, especially when you are feeling nauseous. Open a bedroom window and inhale the morning air for a few minutes before you get up. Get out and about during the day so you get exercise but also so you can get away from any strong smells or odors that make your morning sickness worse. Some women report that strong smells such as coffee or the smell of food cooking make their morning sickness worse. Try to keep those smells to a minimum in your home by opening windows or using an air purifier. If you can, place an air purifier by your bedside so that you can turn it on first thing in the morning when your morning sickness is at its worst.

By watching your diet, drinking herbal teas, using essential oils, and getting regular bouts of fresh air, you can combat morning sickness. For most women it only lasts as long as the first trimester, so don’t worry: it will pass, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.