How to promote a nurturing relationship

You want a relationship where you and your spouse are sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs. This is likely to result in a high level of marital satisfaction, because you are open and responsive to each other. Since your relationship is important to you, you want to find ways to show your spouse how much you love and value him. Here are six tips to help you build a nurturing relationship with your spouse.

Commit to your spouse

This means you are committed to staying with your spouse. You are determined to stick together, and make the relationship work. Thus you strive to build a relationship based on trust, and your husband responds to you as a nurturing and trustworthy person.

Encourage honest communication

Communication is an essential ingredient in a nurturing relationship. You actively listen to your spouse so that he feels that he is being heard and understood. In this atmosphere where you demonstrate your acceptance and love, your spouse is able to share his deepest thoughts and emotions with you. Similarly, use “I” statements to express your own needs, and your spouse is likely to be more open to listening, and responding to you.

Build intimacy

Intimacy is more than sex, it involves sharing a sense of connectedness with your spouse, and being attuned to each other’s needs. This comes through spending quality time together, and doing things you enjoy with each other. Go on dates, as you did when your were courting, hold hands, and look in each other’s eyes.

Show respect

Appreciating the uniqueness of your spouse is very important in a nurturing relationship. When you do, you are able to respect his differences, including his point of view, which might be different from your own. You let him know by your words and actions that you respect him, for example, recognizing his right to privacy.

Deal with conflicts effectively

You will have conflicts even in a nurturing relationship because you and your spouse have different needs. What is important is that you are sensitive to each other’s feelings. This means that even in the face of differences of opinions you show respect for each other, and try to work together to find solutions.

Give affirmation and praise. Your spouse needs your praise and affirmation. In a nurturing relationship you make him know you think well of him. Express your admiration for your husband. Be sure to make your praise sincere and specific so that it encourages him, and affirms him as a person of worth whom you greatly love.