Latin inspired low fat snacks

Snacking can be one of the worst habits for health. It is easy to grab high fat snacks and munch all day, especially at work. The best defense to craving chips and other goodies is to keep healthy snacks readily available. Snacking on bad foods is easiest when you are hungry and too busy to make better choices. A quick vending machine bag of Cheetos is faster than searching out some hummus and carrots. So keeping these healthy snacks at work and in the fridge, ready to go, will help you keep a healthier lifestyle.


These delicious Latin snacks are made from plantains that are usually fried, which gives them added fat and calories. Try a baked tostones recipe to create low fat snacks that are easy to take and go. Sprinkle with natural sea salt for great flavor, you won’t even crave potato chips after having these treats. Bake in large batches and separate into snack size resealable bags. Bring some to work, pack in lunches, and have some ready to eat at home.

Fruit cups

Skip the high sugar prepackaged fruit cups offered at stores. Create your own fruit cups that are easy for on-the-go low fat snacks. Since fruit does not stay fresh long it is important to shop weekly for fresh produce and make cups at the beginning of the week to enjoy for a few days. The best fruit for homemade fruit cups are mango, pineapple, and grapes. These fruits last longer once cut and taste great together. Invest in small Tupperware and make individual portions that are ready to eat.

Garbanzo bean salad

Need a snack that is a little more filling? Make a large garbanzo bean salad and divide it into small portions. This salad can be done in many ways but usually includes garbanzo beans, bell peppers, fresh diced tomato, cilantro, and lime juice. Add some traditional Latin cheese for some extra protein. This salad can be eaten for 2-3 days after it is made if stored properly in the refrigerator.

Baked churros

For those that have a true sweet tooth, it is important to let yourself have some treats as long as they are made as healthy as possible. A churro that is baked instead of fried offers a healthy alternative to candy bars and cookies. For additional low-calorie options make the churros with a sugar substitute and always use low-fat butter. Make them half the size of a traditional churro, bring them to work and eat when you have a sweet craving. Enjoy without the guilt.