Learning Self Defense

With the number of attacks on people rising, and the upswing in domestic violence, it might time to think about learning self defense. Learning how to defend one’s self during an attack can increase your confidence, and when you exude confidence you may be less likely to be attacked. It can be comforting to know that you are able to defend yourself in a bad situation. While you may be hurt in the process of defending yourself, but people that are trained in these techniques, are far less likely to die as a result of a hand to hand combat situation.

Let’s face it, people are often violent creatures. They are likely to prey on the weak. Self defense is one way to ensure that you are not weak, and will at least be able to put up one heck of a fight if someone tries to hurt you or a loved one. There are many different methods of self defense.

Martial arts probably rank high on the list of ways to defend yourself; Karate, Judo, and Kung-fu, are all martial arts. There are as many different types of hand to hand combat and defense arts as there are countries in the world. Different styles of martial arts developed around the world, from Asia, to Japan, and Brazil. You can sign up for martial arts classes locally, almost every town or city has several places, to learn varied styles of martial arts. Yoga and Pilates can be good ways of staying flexible for any type of martial arts training.

Other types of self defense classes are based on ways to escape or incapacitate an attacker, and are not necessarily based on martial arts moves. Some are adaptations of hand to hand combat training used in the military, and the teachers in these classes are often retired military servicemen. As with martial arts there are thousands of different styles that can be learned, as every teacher is different and may modify the styles to fit their own developments.

Carrying a weapon is the most deadly way to defend yourself. Most people who carry a gun for self defense must also have a permit. These permits are usually called a concealed weapons permit. The permit allows the person to carry a gun on their person, hidden, or carried in their vehicle hidden. If they are stopped by an authority figure (police) the person must immediately inform the officer that they have a weapon and produce their permit.