Living room design made easy

Love your living room, but tired of its look? Just follow these easy living room design tips. The core of any living room redecoration comes down to three ingredients: light, color, and seating.

Let there be light

Use windows to make your living room look bigger, brighter, and updated. Sure, floor-to-ceiling windows fill any room with light and a contemporary feel, but even a living room with small windows can shine bright and airy with a window treatment makeover. Don’t be afraid to let the light in. Sheer curtain panels allow for the greatest light exposure to your room while adding a romantic touch to your living room. Or, if you prefer, why not ditch your curtains altogether and install café shutters? Are you a privacy freak but still want unadulterated light streams? Try roman shades that roll down from the top. With that system, you can enjoy sun and privacy all day long.

Does your living room have an accent?

Change your living room design and focal point by adding an accent wall. Pick a strong and vibrant color that will convey the mood you wish. Do you want a serene atmosphere? Then choose a pale blue or green. Want something bolder? Use oranges or reds. Perhaps something that says earthy and grounded? Chocolate tones are for you. Your color choice says a lot about your psychology.

Keep the following in mind when choosing your accent wall:

  • Select a wall that you can see from the dominant entrance to the room.
  • Remember that an accent wall is just that: an accent. Don’t choose the largest wall of your living room.
  • Decorate your accent wall with strong-contrast art or furnishings to complement your painted wall.
  • Remember that only one wall can be an accent. It’s generally not a good idea to paint more than one wall if you’re going for an accent. If you do, then you’re on your way to repainting the entire room.

We are familia

Arrange your living room for family time. Whether your living room is used as a nightly gathering spot or as the location for all major family events, seating capacity can be a challenge. Use pillows strategically. Select pillows with interesting textures and stack them against a corner for interesting contrasts. Then, when the time comes, scatter the pillows around for instant extra seating. Another tip is to use convertible end tables. These days, nifty decorative end tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When they are not in use, these little tables can stand on their own. When you need more seating, arrange the end tables for optimal conversation. For both the pillows and convertible end table/stool, select strong colors that add a vibrant touch to your living room’s color scheme.

These simple living room decorating tips, from color additions and furnishings to window treatments, should make you aware that small changes can make a big difference for your main living space.

Photo source: Morguefile