Making homemade chile rellenos

Chile rellenos are a quintessential Mexican dish. Considered a comfort food, they are roasted peppers stuffed with cheese and fried until crispy on the outside. Many people find that they have problems making this authentic Mexican dish. The biggest issue? Melting cheese flowing out of the pepper during frying.

You’ll need poblano peppers, a large pepper that’s perfect for roasting. These peppers can be grown at home or purchased from the grocery store. If you can’t find these peppers in your supermarket, try your local Mexican food market. Prices are lower there, plus they’ll have the best ingredients to make your meal authentic. Why take half-measures? Go full throttle and get the best ingredients straight from Mexican vendors.

The type of cheese you use to stuff the peppers will depend on your taste. Queso is a good choice, though you can use pepper jack, Monterrey Jack, or sharp cheddar. Cut the cheese into 1 inch thick sticks a little shorter than the pepper is long. You’ll want the cheese to fit inside without hanging over. Place these sticks into the freezer while you work on the peppers. You will need 2 peppers per guest.

Char the peppers over the burner of a stove, electric or gas will work fine. Once the pepper skin is black, place them into a zip-top plastic bag and cover with a towel. This keeps them moist. Place oil in a frying pan, about 1 1/2 inches deep, and heat. You’ll want it sizzling hot. While the oil is heating, peel and clean the seeds out of the peppers.

Separate eggs, keeping the whites only (freeze the yolks for another dish). You’ll need 1 egg white per pepper. Beat until fluffy, add in 1/2 cup flour per pepper. Once thickened, set aside until your peppers are stuffed.

Remove the cheese sticks from the freezer and place inside each pepper. Pull the skin tight around the cheese, hiding all the bits of cheese. Roll in the flour and egg batter, then dip into a little dry flour. Place on a cookie sheet. Once all peppers are stuffed and floured, drop them two at a time into the hot oil. Fry all sides until a light, crispy brown crust forms. Serve hot with beans and rice. There are about 365 calories in them, depending on size and recipe.

Mexican eateries have a secret, they skip the step where the oil is being heated and place the floured chile rellenos into the freezer. They freeze many at a time so they can quickly serve them to customers. You can do this at home and have this dish any time you’d like.