Nail art: Love them or hate them, 3D nails are here to stay

Modern nail art has become a way for women to express themselves by making a canvas out of their fingernails. Designs can now be airbrushed, stamped, or freestyled onto the nail, but one type of design that has gained a lot of popularity is the 3D nail style.

Celebrities love them

Though some women are taken back by the loud look of 3D nails, some have embraced the style. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Pink, and Zooey Deschanel have welcomed the extravagant look and have been pictured out and about and even at red carpets sporting 3D nails. For the New York premiere of the film Hitchcock, star Jessica Biel complemented her ensemble with 3D nails that featured tiny silver beads.

Stick them on

A good way to determine if 3D nail art is for you is by purchasing either a 3D nail kit or 3D nail stickers to test drive on your fingernails before opting for the real thing. Kits often come with fake nails that you can decorate with pieces and designs before gluing the fake nail onto your actual nail. With 3D nail stickers, you can purchase a style already designed and simply peel the sticker from the sheet and put it on the nail.

Both options will allow you to try out the style to see how it looks on you and if the 3D elements get in the way. For example, if you are the type of person who constantly runs hers hands through her hair, constantly submerges her hands in water, or performs a lot of manual chores, then 3D nails may not be ideal because the design pieces may fall off or get stuck in your hair. If the sticker or glued-on design becomes cumbersome at any time, you can just peel off the sticker or remove the fake nail.

The real thing

Before taking the plunge and getting real 3D nails, be aware of what goes into producing the nail art. First, ensure that your nails are painted. Nail polish will not only provide a base color to work with but will also protect your nail from discoloration from the glue that is used to apply some of the design pieces. Second, smaller design pieces can usually be secured to the nail with a little bit of clear nail polish, but larger pieces will require glue. Finally, after the nail art is completed, clear polish or other type of top coat is applied over the entire nail to help secure and hold all of the pieces in place.

Patience and care

Whether you use a sticker design or have the real thing applied, 3D nails require patience and care on your part. If you have the actual nail art applied to your hands, it will take some time to complete the design on each finger nail, and once on, you need to be mindful of where your hands are so you don’t accidentally remove some of the design pieces. Even removing them completely takes a bit more, because while nail polish is all you need, it takes more effort to remove 3D nails and sometimes you even need to use force to pull off the design pieces that were glued on.