New Year’s Eve romantic getaways to welcome 2013

There are people for everything – those who welcome the New Year surrounded by a huge crowd “ala Time Square,” those who glam up their homes with silver and gold ribbons and invite their friends over, and others who consider, from many possible New Year’s Eve romantic getaways, one where they can toast the incoming year with a glass of champagne and a special someone. If you are part of the latter group, consider the following suggestions when looking for a destination to welcome 2013.

Just a couple of hours from Los Angeles, up in the San Jacinto Mountains, is the wonderful town of Idyllwild. The holidays can not look any better than in this quaint city surrounded by pine trees and, if you’re lucky, even some snow powder. Idyllwild has a large selection of cabins to choose from – lovely structures that often include a kitchen, a fireplace, and the loved commodities of modern life – such as internet connection. The center of Idyllwild has a rustic wooden look with dozens of shops that will have you browsing between lovely arts and crafts you may end up bringing home with you. If welcoming the year in a quiet yet inspiring place is what you prefer, Idyllwild may just fit the bill perfectly.

A bit of a longer drive, this one just over five hours to the north of Los Angeles, could have you welcoming the year in one of the most romantic places in the world – Big Sur. As far as sights, few places are as gorgeous as the cliffs overlooking the ocean in this town. From camping spaces to luxury accommodations, Big Sur is the place to enjoy the view, take an inspiring hike, and savor a good glass of wine. A must-do while in this area is a meal, or even a drink, at Nepenthe Restaurant, where your eyes will thank you for finding a seat in the outdoor patio, closest to the incredible view. Also, in Big Sur you could make a stroll through the Los Lobos State Reserve your first 2013 activity, where the sea lions will sing you a welcome song into the New Year.

There is no lack of fabulous New Year’s Eve romantic getaways in California. Idyllwild and Big Sur are just two of the places in California that could be perfect to ring in your 2013. May you have a year as smooth as the way it begins!