Parental control tips for your children’s safety

As a parent, you want to keep your children safe in a digital world. So, consider these parental control tips to help you set rules and safeguards for them. These controls can help you keep your children within safe territory on the internet, when they play video games, watch television, or use their mobile phones.

Keep your children safe on the internet

Keep your home computer in a central location so you can monitor your children when they are online. Increase your knowledge of the devices they are using so you can help them use them safely and responsibly. Take time to discuss with your children what is appropriate internet behavior. Talk to them about internet security, and help them understand the implications of sending emails and posting photos and videos on the internet, which is largely public.

Having discussed internet responsibility with your kids, you now need to set up parental controls on your web browser. Then you can manage the sites your children can access when they are online. Choose the parental controls that suit your needs from the various types offered by internet providers. You can create a safe environment for your children by selecting approved websites, setting time limits, restricting access to chat areas, and so on.

Set up parental controls for video games

The whole family can enjoy the games and entertainment safely. You can use the parental control tools to place time limits and restrict games with certain ratings. Video game consoles allow you to restrict the video games. They will also limit who can play or communicate with your children. Your children are able to play online games through video game consoles or on computers that are open to players worldwide. The game consoles have tools that let you block certain online games or material.

Use the television rating system and V-Chip

There are so many channels and programs available these days, it seems impossible for you to monitor everything your children are watching. However, the television rating system gives you information about the content and age-appropriateness of television programs. In addition to the TV parental guidelines, you can use the V-Chip, which is a device that allows you to block programs that you don’t want your children to see. You can also use the parental control devices in the cable and satellite setup boxes to block programs based on their ratings.

Monitor mobile phone usage

Discuss with your children, and particularly your teens, proper cell phone usage. You also need to monitor their use of mobile phones. You might be able to restrict certain activities such as video downloads and text messaging.

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