Peach Bellinis

Peach Bellinis are delicious, refreshing, and easy to assemble. Whether you’re hosting an impromptu girl’s night out, a dinner, or a Sunday brunch, the drink will hold its own and impress your guests. Making a Bellini requires only three basic ingredients: a prosecco sparkling wine, some form of a peach, and sugar. And it needs to no preparation in advance—simply keep the ingredients stored and make it on the spot for your guests.

When making the beverage, start with a prosecco sparkling wine base or champagne. Be sure to pour the sparkling wine into the glass with the liquid pouring down the side of an angled glass, as this method preserves the “fizz” and leads to a more enjoyable beverage.

Then add peaches—you can use fresh ripe peaches, peach puree, peach juice, or Peach schnapps—to taste. Peach schnapps is an easy way to make Peach Bellinis off season because it is available year round. They are also the easiest ingredient to use, in terms of effort, since you do not have to chop the peaches or spend too much time mixing the peach puree with the sparkling wine.

Take a sip of the Bellini to get an idea of how sweet it is. The sweetness might be just right for you, but if it is not, then add some sugar to taste. If it happens to be too sweet, then cut the sweetness by adding a little water or lemon juice. Garnish with a peach (fresh or canned) or any fruit of your choice.

If you’re a Peach Bellini aficionado then consider playing around with this drink by alternating the peach with other fruit flavors. Tap into your creative side by making an orange, pineapple, cranberry, or mango Bellini. What’s more, you can create a fun and easy party with friends and family by putting together a Bellini bar. Keep sparkling wine and stemware handy and different fruit purees and fruits available so guests can make their own fruit Bellini.

As you can see, making a Bellini takes a mere matter of minutes and that makes it perfect for the woman who needs to host and play bartender. The drink has a fancy, elegant aura about it but does not require a lot of skill, time, or effort to prepare. Sure, you cannot make a Bellini in advance but the simpleness of the recipe makes it ideal for any hosting situation.