Recipe for Huevos Rancheros

Do you enjoy the authentic flavor of Huevos Rancheros? Perhaps you always wanted to ride the trails with cowboys of the past. Or maybe you just like eggs and cheese, hey, that’s cool, too.

This super tasty dish is really nothing more than eggs on a tortilla, and served with many kinds of Mexican fare. Cheese, beans, salsa, it’s all good. You can make your eggs and tortillas how ever you wish. For a simple, yet authentic flavor, try the following recipe. Just make sure to tie your horse to a post before trying to cook them, partner. Wouldn’t want that hoss to wander off.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the tastiest Huevos Rancheros:

2 eggs

1 tortilla(flour or corn)

oil for frying


shredded cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Heat about one tablespoon of oil in a large, heavy bottomed frying pan. Cast iron pans are the best for this. Cowboys trusted them on the trail for good reason, they heat evenly and take a lot of abuse. Allow the oil to get sizzling hot, flick a drop of water into the oil (from a distance) to check the heat. If it spits and sizzles, the oil is ready.

Drop your tortilla in the oil, flip, then remove. This is a step you don’t want to forget as it amps up the flavor of the tortilla. If you’re worried about it being greasy, sit the fried tortilla on top of a paper towel after frying.

Fry your eggs, sunny side up or over easy. This can be annoying if you aren’t skilled at flipping the eggs without breaking the yolks. If you have trouble flipping the eggs, try using a spatula in each hand, believe it or not, two spatulas really help.

Once the eggs are ready to flip, shake a bit of salt and pepper onto them before flipping.

Remove the eggs from heat once they’ve reached your desired doneness. Some people like the yolks runnier than others. Slide the eggs onto the tortilla, then top with cheese. Use as much cheese as you like. Place a bit of salsa on top or a lot, this is about making it taste the way you love.

You can add sour cream, finely chopped green onions, refried beans, or any number of Mexican favorites. The sky is the limit when you’re cooking by the trail, whether you’re really roughing it or just fantasizing about a home on the range. No cooking tricks are needed with this simple, yet delicious, easy recipe.