Rejuvenate your skin with a home facial

You can do a facial at home at your convenience, and save a little money in the process!
You can do a facial at home at your convenience, and save a little money in the process!
Foto: Flickr / Tharaq Andrews

Could your complexion use a little rejuvenation? Follow these steps for an amazing home facial. You don’t have to make an appointment at the spa to deep cleanse your pores and renew your skin. You can do it at home at your convenience, and save a little money in the process!

Getting ready

Before you begin, get everything ready so you will not have to worry about mixing your face mask or preparing your exfoliating scrub while you are enjoying your own home spa indulgence. To give yourself a deep cleansing treatment, you will need the following:

  • skin cleanser
  • glass bowl
  • boiling water
  • exfoliating scrub
  • clay powder
  • rose water
  • serum
  • face moisturizer

Fill your glass bowl with freshly boiled water. Add three or four drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil if desired. If you don’t have an exfoliating scrub, then you can make a homemade one with honey and ground oats or cornmeal mixed with water, cream, or olive oil. To prepare the face mask, mix cosmetic clay powder with rose water, using enough liquid to make a moist paste. You can also use distilled water, apple cider vinegar, or other flower waters. Cosmetic clay is known to draw impurities out of the skin while also tightening pores. If you have normal to oily skin, use green or bentonite clay. White clay is mild, making it ideal for a mask for dry or sensitive skin. Now that everything is ready, it is time to get started!

DIY facial instructions

Wash your face with your cleanser to wipe away dirt and excess oil. To open your pores and to prepare your skin for the mask, hold your face over the rising steam from the bowl of hot water. Next, massage your facial scrub over your face and neck area. This will slough away dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Rinse off the scrub with warm water and gently dry your skin. Then spread the clay and rose water paste over your face. Let the mask dry and then rinse with warm water.

After the mask your face will feel invigorated! Gently pat dry. Before moisturizing, put on any serums that you normally use. To promote smooth, supple skin, now is the perfect time for a vitamin A serum. Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, suggests using retinol, a vitamin-A derivative, to increase cell turnover and to help fight wrinkles. Let your serum absorb into the skin and finish with your moisturizer.

Using a home facial is a great way to improve your complexion, to reduce blemishes, to diminish large pore size, and to revitalize your skin. Whether you have an oily complexion or dry, mature skin, a regular treatment can keep your skin looking at its best. It is always a great idea to go to the spa for a professional treatment when you have the opportunity, but know that you can give your skin a special rejuvenating treatment at home as well.