Simple makeup tips for blue eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful, so why not show them off? These makeup tips for blue eyes are easy to follow and easy to remember, and they work for your gorgeous blues. Keep them in mind when you are enhancing your natural look, whether you are getting ready for work or for a night out.

Warm eye shadow colors for cool blues

One color of eye shadow that is difficult to pair with blue eyes is blue! Because of the color contrast, brown-eyed girls look amazing with most shades of blue as well as with aqua and green. To bring out the beauty of sapphire eyes, offset this cool color with warm hues. Honey, copper, chocolate, rust, and gold all serve blue eye color well. For the same enhancing effect, try out a deep brown eyeliner.

Balance your makeup with your eyes

Another essential trick is to use natural-looking makeup on your lips and cheeks when bringing out your eyes. The key to these makeup tips for blue eyes is balance. Go ahead and blend shimmering gold with caramel eye shadow. Define your eyes with a rich chocolate eyeliner and a dark mascara. Then, brush a neutral peach or soft apricot over the apples of your cheeks. Use a subtle rose shade for your lips or skip the lipstick and use a brightening lip gloss.

When you do want to go for a more dramatic look, put on your strongest red lipstick, but just keep your eye makeup light. Use eye shadow colors that are close to your natural skin tone and use a light application of eyeliner and mascara. Create a flawless face by wearing a foundation that mimics your natural skin tone. Apply a small amount with a foundation brush and then finish with a light misting of rose water. Then, let your beautiful blue eyes and bold red lips do their magic.

These are a few basic makeup tips that you can use to enhance your blue eyes and to avoid color clashes and messy-looking makeup. Keep it simple with warm colors for your eye shadow and eyeliner. Stick with neutral pinks and peaches for subtle coloring on your lips and cheeks. When you want to be bold, wear a bright red lip color, but keep the rest of your face fresh and clean. Once you feel comfortable with these tips, then experiment with more edgy colors. Try blending an ice blue eye shadow with silver and violet. Put on some navy or gray eyeliner. Make your color palette more diverse and have fun with your blue eyes!