Stylish and spacious bathroom vanities

There is an easy way to dress up your bathroom while making it more functional: Add a bathroom vanity. Whether modern, antique, or transitional, bathroom vanities are an ideal way to add style and purpose. Replace a tired bathroom sink and storage area with a new sleek design to add more space and a dash of personality.

Vanity choices

Long gone are the days in which pitchers and water basins were bathing areas. Today’s modern homeowners will find their vanity choices to be extensive, which is why you should have an idea of what you’re looking for before you step foot in the overwhelming world of bathroom accessories.

Having an idea of size, style, and color will head you off in the right direction. For example, decide if you want a single or double sink. For a new look, how about a sleek modern design of glass? You could also choose something more traditional, such as wood and ceramic.

Single vanities

Many condo and apartment dwellers will be the first to admit they have small spaces. If you have a small bathroom, consider a single vanity. A single vanity can be purchased in floating wall-mounted, or free-standing, styles, both of which offer great storage options that are certain to be more appealing than a set of plastic shelves. If you have a tiny bathroom, head straight to the pedestal aisle.

Double vanities

Nobody likes to fight for sink or counter space in the bathroom. If you are considering a new vanity and you have the room, upgrade to a double vanity. Double bathroom vanities are made to accommodate two sinks and two storage areas in one piece of furniture and are perfect for master bedrooms. Stay better organized and reduce your toiletry and towel clutter with a large vanity.

Wood vanities

There is a certain beauty to an old fashioned wood vanity. Although many modern vanity models are made of espresso colored wood, models such as Roosevelt add more than just a touch of class. They have a style about them that is timeless and sets them apart from other vanity choices.

Wood and accent choices

Aside from style, there are numerous wood and accent choices. For wood, you will find that oak and cherry are the most popular and can be found in many shades in both single and double sink styles.

For accents, don’t forget about mirrors. Most vanities have matching mirrors, which normally cost extra but are made to complete your vanity package. Whether you decide on glass, ceramic, or porcelain; wood or prefab; single or double, a new vanity in the bathroom will add a lively space to one of the busiest rooms of your home.

Photo source: Flickr