Table decorating ideas for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to get creative with your table decorations. Try these table decorating ideas this season, including some that are fun and a few for a more sophisticated look. It is always good to include children in the process. Allow them to create one of the centerpieces, and they will feel proud showing it off during the Christmas season. Create a few of the ideas and switch them out based on the occasion. If you are decorating for a party or event, simply add some creative place settings or festive glass wear to complete the look.

Table decorating ideas

Advent centerpiece

Create this fun centerpiece and enjoy it the whole month. Start by picking out 24 small white boxes from your local craft store, and grab some ribbon in various Christmas colors and designs. You will also need a festive pedestal stand and 24 small trinkets to put in the boxes. Fill each box with a treat your kids will love. Some options could be pieces of chocolate, small ornaments, bouncy balls, or anything else creative that will fit in the boxes. Children will be excited to wake up each morning and open a new box. To finish the centerpieces, write the numbers 1-24 on the boxes, tie each box with a ribbon, and stack the boxes on the pedestal stand.

Simple and gold

For a more elegant affair, stick with colors like gold and red for your table decorations. Start with a solid colored sateen tablecloth, preferably in a deep red. Fill the center of the table with gold Christmas trees, which you can purchase from a local craft store. Invest in a decorative runner for a more complete look. This table decor may sound simplistic, but it comes off as very elegant. If you are having a dinner party, dress your table with nice plates and glass wear and use Christmas bells with ribbon to tie napkins.

Candy fun

Out of all the table decorating ideas, this will definitely be a favorite among kids. Start with a cute tablecloth, preferably something with a lot of vibrant Christmas colors. Grab three large, clear glass containers of different sizes; cylinders work best. Buy candy canes, yellow butterscotch candies, and one decorative Christmas candy of your choice. Fill each container with one candy and place them in the center of the table.

Natural table

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the beauty of winter. For this decorating idea, you will have the opportunity to have a little creative license. You can make this craft either elegant or fun. Start with a store-bought wreath and a large candle that will fit in the center. Buy or gather small pinecones and paint. This would be a part children would enjoy. Place the centerpiece on the table, add the candle, and use a glue gun to attach the pinecones. This centerpiece would look great on any tablecloth, but a natural color or checked pattern would complement the natural look.

Photo source: Flickr