The perfect cocktail dresses versus the little black dress

When you think of the items every closet must include, the perfect little dress probably comes to mind. Every woman needs a little black dress, but aside from that, it is important to have great cocktail dresses as well. Although both these dresses can serve the same purpose, having a bold cocktail dress gives more variety to your style.

The little black dress

Your little black dress should stay simple and classic. When selecting the right little black dress for you, it is important to buy a timeless style. The dress should be a flattering length and a fabric that is versatile. The lengths that work on any woman are right below the knee or right above the knee. A few fabric choices that work well year-round and for almost any occasion are cotton, silk, and linen. Wool is also a great fabric choice, but it can be much warmer.

The cocktail dress

Your cocktail dresses can definitely be a little bolder than your little black dress. Although staying classic and versatile is always a good idea when buying cocktail dresses, you can opt for more color in order to add variety to your looks. If you are a minimalist and prefer having only two dresses, it is a good idea to stick to the same guidelines as you would with the little black dress. Buying a dress that is similar to your little black dress but in red or blue would make for a perfectly acceptable cocktail dress. If you do decide to stay on the simple side, you can easily play up your look with accessories.

On the other hand, if you want to be bolder with your cocktail dresses and own more than one, you can play with your length, style, and fabric. A sexy length that is also a bit dressier for cocktail dresses would fall right around the middle of your shin. If you decide to choose this length, it is best to go with a dress that is form-fitting. If you prefer to remain conservative, you can select an A-line dress that flows and falls below the knee. If you really want to try something different, you can play up your look with a sequined dress or one with a pattern. If you prefer to own multiple cocktail dresses, you can always buy one sexier look and another that is more traditional.

Owning two completely different dresses really helps you keep your closet versatile and your style evolving. If you decide to own only one cocktail dress and choose to go bolder and less conservative for this look, you will always have the little black dress at your fingertips for the more casual events.

Photo source: Flickr