Uses for sweet corn

Sweet corn can be served alone, or as an addition to recipes to give a burst of flavor. When served alone the corn is traditionally seasoned with salt, pepper, and sometimes a hint of cayenne. Yet the best way to use the multipurpose vegetable is by adding it with other flavors to create unique and tasty creations.

  • Corn fritters make great starters or even a side dish for fajitas or chicken. These crispy yet delicate treats are made even better without the use of frozen or canned corn. The use of fresh corn in your traditional fritter will add flavor.

  • Corn salsa can be a mix of any fresh and flavorful ingredients. The most common additions to this recipe are sweet peppers, onions, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers. Sweet corn gives this salsa a great flavor and can be enhanced even more if the corn is roasted.

  • Corn relish

    is the perfect way to preserve fresh sweet corn for later use. It also makes a great gift when properly jarred.

  • Corn muffins and corn bread are made even better with fresh corn kernels. Mix them directly into the batter before baking and enjoy!

  • Sweet corn can be added to many chicken bakes and casseroles. Even when corn is not listed as an ingredient, it can easily be mixed in before baking.
  • Any chowder or soup recipe that includes vegetables can be enhanced by adding fresh corn kernels. The crunchy corn will be especially tasty in spicy dishes such as tortilla soup.
  • Pico de Gallo gets a fresh kick with sweet corn. Serve with chips, quesadillas or fajitas.

  • Sweet corn ice cream with dulce de leche sauce. With the use of an ice cream machine and a little imagination this can become your favorite dessert.

Sweet corn can be found in abundance throughout the summer months and into fall. To enjoy this versatile ingredient all year freeze corn by cooking it on the cob, blanched, cut off kernels and freeze in bags. Once it is frozen it can easily be taken out, thawed and used in a multitude of recipes. The recipes mentioned above are only a few ways to use the sweet corn, feel free to add it to other dishes that call for fall vegetables. Corn adds a sweet flavor as well as a fresh crunch in meals. An added bonus is that children love the taste and texture of corn, most will eat it plain or with a little butter.