Wallet-friendly home renovations

If you’re thinking about home renovation, it is common to envision sledgehammers and artsy architects. Although this is one way to go, there are other routes you can take that will give your home that renovated look and feel without all the fuss and expense.

There are many changes you can make throughout your house that are certain to give it a modern face-lift. These renovation ideas are simple, and they are ideas you can carry out yourself for a fraction of the cost of hiring that artsy architect.


An effective way to do a quick home renovation is with a can of paint. Give any room an instant uplift with a new shade of color. Whether you’re hoping to hide wall blemishes, freshen up a room, or simply change it, a coat of paint will do the trick. If you want to stay environmentally friendly, look for zero-VOC paints, which are a great choice for a child’s room. If you are inspired by the color of a fabric or object, take it with you to the paint store. Most places can customize your paint color to match your inspiration piece.


For an impressive home renovation, change the flooring. Unless you want to replace carpet with tile, it is possible to lay new flooring in any room over the course of a weekend. Tile is a lovely floor covering that takes a lot of skill and time to lay; however, if you are looking for a quick solution, consider no-fuss flooring. Head to your local hardware store and browse the many flooring choices that require a little measuring and a sharp utility knife. Most of these types of flooring are self-adhesive and are easy to work with. Update an old room, replace worn hallways, or cover up that basement floor with a modern design over the course of a weekend.

Nearly instant home renovations

The effects of a lightbulb are brighter than you may realize. Change the old incandescent bulbs in your home for energy-saving bulbs. When you’re out bulb shopping, consider lightbulbs that emit a more natural light instead of the traditional yellow light. With the flick of a switch, you will see instant results as your room is lit up in a true, natural color without that yellow hue we’ve all grown used to.

An underestimated quick-fix home renovation idea involves hardware. Your home’s hardware says volumes about when it was last updated.

If you have wooden handles that are large and bulky, it’s time to replace them. Stainless steel handles will enhance almost anything and are durable enough to last for years. Choose sleek and slim handles that add a modern feel to your kitchen cabinets. Do the same for other places in the home, such as the bathroom and with bedroom furniture. Updated hardware is an economic way to give the feel of a recently renovated home.

A home renovation that will add a touch of class to any room is a ceiling medallion. Made of lightweight plastic, these plaster molding replicas look like the real thing. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at hardware stores. You can paint your ceiling medallion any color you want and then easily mount it around your favorite light fixture.

Scratched and scuffed furniture is normal in any busy home. Give your furniture a much-needed lift by filling in the scratches. Numerous products are available that can easily match to your wood type and grain color. Camouflage the wear and tear in your home with furniture touch-ups, another instant renovation.

Photo source: Flickr