Waxing 411

Waxing 411

Waxing may seem like a poor hair removal option for the woman with not enough hours in the day, but the benefits definitely make it an option to consider. Sure, it takes more time than grabbing a razor in the shower, but this process lasts longer than shaving; the effects last for two to three weeks because the hair is pulled from the roots.

What’s more, when waxed, hair grows back thinner and finer. And the benefits don’t end there! Waxing won’t result in cuts or nicks, produces smoother results, and won’t cause a shaving related rash. Additionally, many ethnic women suffer from darkening pigmentation due to shaving; a problem that can be solved by opting to wax.

When scheduling your waxing appointment, make sure your hair length is ideal for this hair removal method; the hair on your legs should be between a quarter-inch long to a half-inch long. If you know that you have a low pain threshold, then take Advil an hour or two before your appointment.

Don’t have time to run to a salon? Consider waxing at home. You can purchase hot wax and cotton strips at your local beauty store, or purchase pre-waxed strips. Another alternative is to make wax in your kitchen using three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water. Simply combine one cup of sugar, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and two table spoons of water in a saucepan. Allow the ingredients to melt over high heat until there is a boil. At this point, reduce the heat to medium and stir occasionally until the contents have browned. Transfer the mixture into a glass container, and voilà!—you have homemade wax.

When waxing at home, whether you’ve purchased your own wax or you’ve made a batch at home, make sure to never moisturize before using wax as it will prevent the wax from adhering to your hair. The only cream you should apply is numbing cream to temporary numb your skin if, and only if, you find the experience to be too painful. Just make sure to use baby powder to soak up any moisture on your skin and to ensure that the wax adheres to your hair. Remember to always pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth and to never wax the same area more than three times, as this will lead to skin irritation and increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs. After you’re all done, exfoliate and moisturize so that any wax residue is removed and your skin remains smooth.