Ways to improve your memory

There are many ways to improve your memory, some of which are well-known, and some of which you might never have heard of. Memory and concentration are keys to success for those at school or college, as well as those working in mentally demanding jobs. For those of you who are worried about becoming forgetful here are some memory improvement tips and techniques you can try to help you to remember better:

1. Stay active: remember the saying, “a healthy mind in an healthy body”? When there is a constant intake of oxygen, the brain receives what it needs to work at its best. In addition, when blood is pumping through our bodies there is a reduced risk of plaque building up in our arteries.

2. Pictures for words: when trying to remember certain words, some people benefit from visualizing a picture in order to strengthen their memory. This holds true for remembering an appointment, a phrase, or a task. Visualize pictures associated with what you are trying to remember. For example, if you are trying to remember you have to go to the dentist at 4pm, you can visualize a picture of pumpkin that has four teeth carved into its smile.

3. Stay focused: if you’re not paying attention to the information you’re receiving, then no memory tricks or techniques are going to matter. It takes up to eight seconds of focused attention in order for information to go from our short-term to our long term memory. So, if you’re taking notes or jotting down information on a notepad, you have to focus attention to what you are doing in order for those notes to make sense later on.

4. Be repetitive: no matter how annoying you may think you’re being, repeating information is a useful memory building technique. For example, if you meet someone for the first time, repeat their name as often as it is appropriate. Repeat their name when being introduced, and again when saying goodbye. Write down information you need to remember on flash cards and look over them regularily.

In order to receive the greatest benefit from any tip or technique, you must practice them regularly. Some ways to improve your memory seem basic and simple, which is why they are so appealing. However, that doesn’t give us permission to be lazy when it comes to memory enhancement. Be aware that some reasons for memory lapse could be the result of depression or anxiety, if you think this is the case it’s best to seek professional help and advice.