What baby furniture do you need?

If you are expecting a baby, you will want to get your home ready for the arrival of your little one. Trips to the mall and superstores may leave you reeling from the many choices of baby furniture. There is so much choice out there, but what do you really need?

Sleeping arrangements

Your baby will sleep on and off. You will need a crib with adjustable sides and all the bedding that goes with it. Use bumpers to protect your little one from the bars of the crib, and hang mobiles to keep your baby amused. Many moms use bassinets for a temporary bed that can be moved about easily. Your baby’s bedroom will also need baby furniture for clothing and toys. A changing unit can be a good buy to give you a specific area for changing, dressing, and storing lotions and powders. You may need to do a little remodeling if your baby is on the way and you want your house looking good. Do it now, before your little one comes along–you won’t have time afterward.

Baby on the move

You will need some moveable baby furniture if your baby will be on the move. If you expect to be visiting friends and family for overnight stays, you can purchase a travel crib that can be folded up easily and stored away for when you next need it. If your baby is going to be traveling by car, you will need a safe car seat. Many seats now double up as strollers and also as a chair to bring into the home if your baby is still asleep after his or her journey. Seats that rock can be used around the house so that you are hands-free while your baby is in a secure position. Mom will often need to put her baby down for a minute while preparing a bottle or grabbing a packet of diapers, and this type of baby furniture will be invaluable as your little one can be safely and securely strapped in.

In the kitchen

A high chair is the most important piece of baby furniture you will need in the kitchen. Once your little one is sitting up, he or she will need to feel like part of the family at dinnertime. Look out for high chairs that can be adjusted as your baby grows. This will save you money in the long run. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you could also invest in a playpen so your baby has a safe place to play out of harm’s reach while you get your chores done.

Buy the best baby furniture you can afford, and it will last not just for this baby, but for others to follow! It can also be passed onto friends and family members when your baby outgrows it.

Photo source: Flickr